Making Music Matters!

StudentsThe CSO’s Making Music Matters (M3) program plays a vital role to students in Columbus area. M3 makes it possible for students in the Columbus metropolitan area to be involved with instrumental music, both as participants and listeners, at a high level and in a structured, disciplined manner.

In collaboration with the Empowered Youth of Columbus Crime Prevention program and Columbus Parks and Recreation, a CSO musician provides free after-school group violin instruction to young children within the Muscogee County School District. This program is designed to instill in them the discipline, powers of concentration, and team work necessary to be successful, not only in music but in life. It is teaching life skills through music. Our goal is not to create professional musicians, but rather to enrich students’ lives through the creative pursuit of musical skills.



The Making Music Matters! (M3) program currently has a total of thirty-seven (37) violin students taught by our violin instructors, Barbara Careaga-Mitchell and Anton Jakovcic. Mrs. Careaga-Mitchell works with 19 students at Downtown Elementary Magnet Academy while Mr. Jakovcic works with 18 students at Dawson Elementary. The number of students has tripled from the previous academic school year and the CSO plans to add an additional 25-40 students with the addition of Gentian Elementary School in the Fall of 2017.


Both Georgia State Standards and National Core Arts Standards were used when creating the Making Music Matters program.

MESBO.1 – Throughout the year students will sing various songs to demonstrate the ability to match pitch and adjust intonation, discuss the relationship between singing and quality tone production on a string instrument, and use singing as a memorization tool.

MESBO.2 – Students will perform on instruments, alone and with others, a varied repertoire of music by demonstrating correct hand, finger, bow, and instrument positions. They will also be able to produce characteristic sounds while utilizing correct finger patterns in performing scales and repertoire. Students will be able to develop and refine artistic techniques and work for presentation.

MESBO.3 and MESBO.4 – Students will be able to read and notate music as well as play by ear simple melodies and provide rhythmic and melodic variations.

MESBO. 7 – Students will also have the opportunity to critique their own performances and the performances of others and be able to describe what was great and what they could improve on.

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  1. Jennifer meisch

    I just received a letter from Wynnton, my daughter’s school, inviting her to the string program.
    We watched a documentary this weekend on how music makes a difference in other countries with low income and high crime and how it instills a sense of purpose and discipline in students.
    I am very excited to see the music programs being offered to young students here!
    Coming from a fellow string and piano instructor, music definitely makes a difference in people’s lives and gives them a way to escape in addition to learning so many wonderful skills!
    It thrills me to hear our students in Columbus will have this unique opportunity!

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