Nan Kemberling

Cellist Nan NanKemberling2Kemberling has a passion for connecting with her audiences. She strives to make music a dynamic communication between performer and listener, setting music free from the tethers of convention. To that end, her activities are wide-ranging and inclusive.
No stranger to public speaking, her concerts are frequently peppered with behind-the-scenes information, and her exuberant playing style has led to engagements with a variety of popular artists, including televised appearances with Josh Groban’s orchestra on The Oprah Winfrey Show and on the Celtic Woman PBS special, Believe. Nan is also a singer-songwriter and studio cellist for both pop albums and movie soundtracks, but most recently, Nan performed Delius’ Double Concerto with violinist Betul Soykan at Spivey Hall in Spring 2013 just after releasing a second album with her pop band, Pink Pompeii.
As an educator, Nan is busy helping individuals and groups deal with performance anxiety, prepare for auditions, become leaders in chamber music settings, and unlock the ease of making music with an efficient cello technique. Look for Nan on YouTube with her educational cello rap, “Always Room 4 Cello.”

Besides her life in music, Nan dabbles in visual art, creating multiple wall murals and even illustrating a children’s book, which was published in 2008. Most of all, Nan loves being outside, and when she is not teaching or rehearsing, she is in the yard gardening. She lives in Atlanta with her husband and four felines.


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