Pre-Concert Events

Dinners (Require Additional Ticket)

These dinners will take place in the RiverCenter prior to the concert. Enjoy a lovely meal with friends or a loved one. (3 course meal + wine)

  • The True North strong and free! (1)

    Prior to the “Beethoven & Baroque” Concert

  • Valentine's Dinner (1)

    Prior to “The British Invasion” Concert

Parties & Receptions (Included with Concert Ticket)


Open Rehearsals & Know the Score

Open Rehearsals and Know the Score will take place for the following dates and concerts:

  • • September 8th – “Rachmaninoff Meets the New Piano”

    • October 13th – “Beethoven & Baroque”

    • January 26th – “Las Guitarras”

  • • March 16th – “Bartok & Prokofiev”

    • April 13th – “Joe Girard Plays the Sax”

    • May 11th – “Symphonic Dances”

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Kids’ Lobby Activities

  • April 13, 2019 _ 6_00 PM (2)

    Prior to “The Wild, Wild West” Concert

  • Build Your OwnInstrument

    Prior to the “Las Guitarras” Open Rehearsal