CSO Steinway Keys Campaign

The CSO is seeking funds to replace our 25-year-old concert grand Steinway piano and we are 96% to our goals goal. The CSO Steinway Keys Campaign is dedicated to raising funds for a new Steinway piano designed for evenness of timbre, carefully matched from bass to treble, for a huge sound that would cut through a 100-piece orchestra, to meet the challenge of filling a 2,000-seat concert hall. Consider contributing to the orchestra’s future of artistic excellence!

Total cost of piano, equipment, & delivery: $145,000

Giving Levels:
• Middle C: $5,000+

• Octave: $1,000 to $4,999
• Perfect Fifth: $750 to $999
• Major Third: $500 to $749
• Black Key: $250 to $499
• White Key: $100 to $249
• Piano Friends: Up to $99

Mail-In Donation Form

*Please indicate Steinway Campaign under Special Instructions.

Thank you to our generous contributors!

Middle C:
The Mildred Miller Fort Foundation
Mary Schley

Mr. Thornton F. Jordan In Honor of Max Burr
Ms. Linda L. Reusmann
Mrs. Susan Stephenson

Major Third:
Mr. & Mrs. George Del Gobbo
Dr. & Mrs. Robert L. Garnett
Mr. Eric M. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Ussery

Black Key:
Mr. Cameron P. Bean
Lucy Bowers
Iveta & James Boyanchek
Rick & Betsy Covington In Honor of Ila Berenson
Mr. & Mrs. William B. Hardegree
Kevin & Laura Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Pravinchandra Patel
William Scrantom
Mr. & Mrs. Joel O. Wooten

White Key:
Mr. & Mrs. Charles B. Allen

Ms. Maria Luisa C. Aranas
Mrs. Robert T. Cavis, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Couroux
Mr. & Mrs. Robert K. David

Dr. & Mrs. Frank Doyle
Page & Heather Grover
Mrs. Richard Hallock
Mr. Ken Hamill
Corinne M. Haslam

Landon & Kristen Hudson
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Jarrell

Mrs. Jack Key, Jr.
Ed & Beverly Kinner

Dr. & Mrs. Brian McCluskey
Mrs. Louise Miller
Mrs. Jerry M. Smith

Mr. James R. Sperry
Mr. & Mrs. John Stafford

Dr. Franklin J. Star
Ms. Rose Steiner

John & Sandra Thomas
Mr. & Mrs. T. Stacy Welch
Mr. & Mrs. Joe Young
Friends of the Symphony

Piano Friends:
John Camp
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Converse

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Feighner
Carolyn P. Gordon
Mr. Michael H. Lane

Mrs. Gerda Smith
Mr. & Mrs. James Tjoflat

Mr. Richard M. Tucker
Clara Vargas

Brenda Griffin West

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