Sleeping Beauty Synopsis

Prologue: The Christening of Princess Aurora

No.1a – Introduction:

No. 1b – The Procession to the Salon:

Including all the guests, six fairies who are to bestow gifts like beauty, courage, etc.

– Scene/Finale:

The entrance of the evil fairy Carabosse who was not invited to the party. Angrily, she plays a curse on the child:  that on her sixteenth birthday she will prick her finger, fall into a trance, and die.  The Lilac Fairy intervenes and, while she cannot lift the curse, alters it to say that she will prick her finger and fall into a deep sleep for one hundred years, at which time she will be awakened by the kiss of a handsome prince.

Act I

No. 6 – Waltz:

No. 8d
 – Coda:

It is the day of the Princess’s sixteenth birthday and a grand celebration is taking place.  As predicted she pricks her finger and falls into a deep sleep, along with everyone in the entire kingdom.

Act II

No. 16 – Scene:        

One hundred years later.  The hunt (search) for Aurora by Prince Desire aided by the Lilac Fairy.  He makes his way through the enchanted forest, finds the Princess, kisses her, and the entire kingdom—everyone had been asleep—awakens to celebrate the happy couple.

Act III: The Wedding

No. 21 – March:

The royal wedding is underway.  Guests include the Jewel Fairies and fairy tale characters like Puss ’n Boots and The White Cat, Princess Florine , and the Bluebird.  Everyday dances.

No. 23a
– The Gold Fairy:

No. 23b
 – The Silver Fairy:

No. 24
– Puss ’n Boots and the White Cat:

No. 25b
– The Bluebird and Princess Florine:

No. 26a
– Red Riding Hood and the Wolf:

No. 28b
– Aurora:

No. 30
 – Finale:

The Prince and Princess are married with the blessing of the Lilac Fairy.  And it does not need to said that they lived happily ever after.

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