Open Rehearsals

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Open Rehearsals take place on Saturday at 12:30 pm the day of our Masterworks and Legacy Hall series concerts. During the rehearsals, the performance hall doors are open and the house lights are on to create an informal setting that is welcoming to all. It is perfect for families with small children to gain exposure to the art form. It is also great for those who may not be able to sit long, are uncomfortable in the dark, unable to attend the concert at night, cannot afford the evening ticket prices, and many other barriers that prevent people from attending concerts. The CSO breaks the financial barrier by encouraging attendees to “pay what they want” by providing a donation or attending for free. By allowing them to set the price, the Open Rehearsals eliminate hesitation and expose people who have not had the capabilities to partake in the music that is being created here in Columbus.

Open Rehearsals begin at 12:30 pm and last the duration of a rehearsal (no later than 3:30 pm).

Located in the RiverCenter for the Performing Arts
For more information call 706-323-5059.