The Orchestra Up Close

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Recent funding cuts in public school education, affecting all areas from arts curricula to transportation, have made it increasingly difficult for some schools to bring their children in large groups to see and hear us in our concert hall. We, therefore, have decided to take the orchestra, in various sizes and instrument combinations, into the schools to perform and provide instrument demonstrations for young students through our Orchestra Up Close program. Our goals are to:

  1. Introduce school children in the Columbus and the surrounding areas to the music and musicians of the Columbus Symphony Orchestra.
  2. Provide an up close experience with the instruments of the orchestra.
  3. To develop in young people a sense of familiarity with instrumental music which will foster a curiosity that will eventually lead to the cultivation of a sense of ownership in the general activities of the CSO.

It is hoped that this would result in a deeper appreciation of the value of music, and the arts in general, in their individual, family and communal lives. The Orchestra Up Close is brings small ensembles of CSO musicians into the classroom to present hour-long programs to small groups of children allowing for an “up close” experience that is not possible at larger concerts. The musicians perform and talk about their instruments and children have the opportunity to make observations, ask questions, and, most importantly, to touch and play the variety of instruments in the CSO “instrument petting zoo.” This program is available to schools throughout the region, and is presented to more than 2,000-3,000 children annually. This currently existing program will be gradually expanded to include all elementary schools in the metropolitan community.

For more information, please call 706-256-3648 

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Georgia Performance Standards:

General: MKGM.2/6/7/8/9; M1GM.2/6/7/8/9; M2GM.2/6/7/8/9; M3GM.2/6/7/8/9; M4GM.2/6/7/8/9; M5GM. 2/6/7/8/9; M(Band/Orchestra).2

Physical Science standards: S1P1 and S4P2.