Meet Our Musicians

George Del Gobbo, Music Director and Conductor
The Dr. and Mrs. Steven Leichter Chair

  • Violin

    Kerren Berz, Concertmaster The Mr. & Mrs. Rick Ussery Chair
    Boris Abramov, Principal 2nd Violin  The Dr. & Mrs. Ken Goldman Chair
    Patricia Anderson,  The Mrs. Tom B. Black Chair
    Ruslan Apostolov The L. Rexford Whiddon Chair in memory of Lynn K. Whiddon
    Nathan Banks
    William Bontempo  The Henry and Joyce Schwob Chair

    Holly Bryan  The Mrs. Barbara Rothschild Chair
    Barbara Careaga-Mitchell  The Mr. & Mrs. James Dudley Chair
    Maria Chirinos  The Mr. & Mrs. John Laska Chair

    Sharon Crane
    David Edwards  The Del Gobbo Family Chair
    Anna Gribkova • The Mr. and Mrs. William Heard Chair
    Natalya Klenovskaya •
     The Ms. Betty Auten Chair

    Patrick Ryan  The Mr. John & Dr. Angela Sims Chair
    Megan Sahely  The Mr. and Mrs. Wright B. Waddell Chair
    Weiru Sheng
    Marina Volynets  The Pat D. Daniel & Stephen J. Hodges Chair
    Elizabeth Waite 
    Sylvia Wehrs  The Walter Alan Richards Foundation Chair

    Perry Westmoreland
    Lorna Wood  The Dr. & Mrs. Richard Robbins Chair
    Tian Xu Watson  The Dr. & Mrs. Pravinchandra Patel Chair


    Sarah Chastain, Principal  The Chuck & Arlene Lowery Chair
    Josiah Coe, Assistant Principal  The Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Croll Chair

    Miriam Barfield • The Mr. & Mrs. Clifford J. Swift III Chair
    Saskia Chowdhuri • The Dr. Mary W. Schley Endowed Chair
    Elizabeth Hostetter • The Ms. Rose Steiner Chair

    Anton Jakovcic  The Mrs. Gail B. Greenblatt Chair
    Katrin Meidell
    Lenin Pena •
     The Mr. & Mrs. B. Seth Harp Jr. Endowed Chair


    Hilary Glen, Principal  The Dr. & Mrs. Kendall Handy Chair
    Ismail Akbar • The Mr. & Mrs. James H. Blanchard Chair
    Barbara Altman  The Mr. William G. Scrantom Jr. Chair
    Daniel Holloway  The Mrs. Richard Hallock Chair

    Robert O’Brien
    Ina Petkova-Apostolova   The Mrs. Jack Lawler Chair
    Jonathan Simmons  The Mrs. Charles W. Burgin Chair

    Cynthia Sulko  The Ms. Jane C. Steurer Chair

    Double Bass

    Jacqueline Pickett, Principal • The John & Sallie Martin Chair
    Adam Bernstein
    Emory Clements 
    • The Joel and Sybrina Wooten Chair
    Alex Mayweather • The Jerry and Marjorie Newman Chair
    Christina Ottaviano

    Vadim Volynets


    Jim ZellersPrincipal  The Dr. & Mrs. Edward B. Kinner Chair
    Erica Bass Pirtle  The Dr. Catalina Aranas Chair
    Jeana Melilli, Third Flute/Asst. Principal  The Mr. & Mrs. John W. Walden Jr. Chair


    Jeana Melilli  The Mr. & Mrs. John W. Walden Jr. Chair
    Erica Bass Pirtle  The Dr. Catalina Aranas Chair


    Erica Howard, Principal  The Jack & JoRhee Pezold Chair
    Barbara Cook  The Mrs. Pamela Harmann Page & Dr. Edwin L. Page Chair
    Susan Tomkiewicz, Interim Third/Asst. Principal • The Mr. William & Dr. Bonnie Ellis Chair

    English Horn

    Susan Tomkiewicz, Interim  The Mr. William & Dr. Bonnie Ellis Chair

  • Clarinet

    David Odom • The Mr. & Mrs. Alan C. Ramsay, Jr. Chair
    Sandy Wade • The Mr. & Mrs. W. Mizell Alexander Chair
    Staci Culbreth • The Mr. Wilson Blackmon Chair

    Bass Clarinet

    Staci Culbreth • The Mr. Wilson Blackmon Chair


    Stephanie Patterson, Principal • The Professor Earl Coleman Chair
    Mark Lauer
    John Grove • The Cindy & Spencer Garrard Chair


    John Grove • The Cindy & Spencer Garrard Chair


    Adam Pandolfi, Principal • The Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Patton Chair
    Jason Eklund • The Mrs. J.W. Feighner Sn. Chair
    Alex Depew

    Julia Gerhardt
    Camron Bryant, Assistant The Schiffman Family Foundation Chair


    Kevin Lyons, Principal • The Mr. Steve Sawyer Chair
    Tao Ge
    Ryan Moser • The Dr. Franklin J. Star Chair


    Ed Nicholson, Principal • The J.W. & Ethel I. Woodruff Foundation Chair
    William Mann

    Bass Trombone

    Richard Brady • The Mrs. Babette Rothschild Chair


    Donald Strand, Principal The Mildred Miller Fort Foundation Chair


    John Lawless, Interim Principal • The Mr. & Mrs. J.W. Feighner Jr. Chair


    Courtney Bottoms, Principal • The Dr. Eva Sperk Chair
    Karen Hunt • The Mrs. Otis B. Burnham Chair
    Lisa Morris


    Susan Bennett Brady, Principal • The Mrs. Ethel W. Foley Chair


    Tatiana Muzanova, Interim Principal • The Mr. & Mrs. Ray Crowley Endowed Chair

    The Columbus Symphony Orchestra uses the revolving seating method for section string players who are listed alphabetically in the roster.

    Emeritus Members of the Orchestra

    Patricio Cobos, Concertmaster
    Betty Anne Diaz, Principal Keyboard
    Manuel Diaz, Principal Viola
    Monique Gunnels, Flute
    James Taylor, Principal Trumpet
    Ronald Wirt, Principal Bassoon